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In association with Visual Displays


Introducing a series of five connected webinars aimed at Campus AV Technology Management & Strategists.  At the end of each session we’ll have some Q&A and will follow up with a feedback survey so we can help develop the content. 

This series will be presented by Greg Jeffreys of Visual Displays Ltd.

Monday 18th May – 10.30am – 11.30am – Standards for campus technology management

  • A management summary of relevant standards 
  • Practical advice for easy adoption and adapting to your campus
  • Summary of all existing and in-development AVIXA and ANSI/AVIXA standards
  • New UX standard and its use on campus
  • Summary of relevant environmental standards
  • Review of new WELL Building Standard V2
    • Radical new standard which can act as hub for all other relevant standards
    • Addresses wellbeing

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Tuesday 19th May – 10.30am – 11.30am – HE teaching space design

  • Holistic approach – the environment and its contained technology as a fully integrated whole
  •  ‘Pre-technology’ emphasis – identifying measurable performance metrics for
  • exceptional student and teaching experiences – tech/hardware agnostic
  • Practical strategies for getting AV considered at earliest project phases
  • Materials to present at Vice-Chancellor level for understanding of scope, reach and impact of AV/IT managers
  • Use for constructive engagement with other stakeholders (architects, interior designers, teaching staff etc) and budget holders
  • Integrated standards approach. Uses WELL Building Standard V2 to knit all UX,tech and environment standards into interlocked and cohesive whole
  • Practical elements to work better with framework suppliers – and help them do better

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Wednesday 20th May – 10.30am -11.30am – HE display specification & sign-off. 8 essential steps and best practices.

A step-by-step approach to specifying and procuring the optimal display

  • UX – capturing user needs, developing performance metrics
  • Selecting image size
  • Image resolution
  • Image contrast – its quality
  • Luminance (brightness) – bright enough, but not enough to create asthenopia (eye strain)
  • Viewing distances
  • Viewing angles

Sign off and certification – inspect what you expect

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Thursday 21st May – 10.30am – 11.30am – ANSI/AVIXA DISCAS Standard for Higher Education

Covers complete Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems Standard – globally recognised and adopted standard (task group moderator, Greg Jeffreys)

  • Use for new systems and auditing existing systems
  • Display technology agnostic
  • Image size
  • Image resolution
  • Closest/farthest viewing metrics
  • Horizontal/vertical viewing angles
  • Content guidance (font sizes needed)
  • Examples programmed into parametric 3D CAD models
  • Content includes other image attributes (contrast, luminance) and calculators

Attendance of this course will earn you 1 AVIXA CTS RU

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Friday 22nd May – 10.30am – 11.30am – On-campus room & system auditing

  • Course focuses on displays and lighting to demonstrate methodology and data capture
  • Using DISCAS standard to identify the ‘cheap seats’ in spaces
  • Using PISCR (and new ISCR) to measure and assess image quality (contrast) and luminance (brightness)
  • Using AVIXA performance verification standard
  • Measurement of lighting: general illuminance levels/ratios; task lighting; VC lighting
  • Collection and collation of campus estate using traffic light dashboard

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……and more to follow! Keep checking back!