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Support the growth and innovation in the Audio Visual sector within Higher Education by contributing to the LTSMG fundraising initiative. Your generous donations will directly assist in expanding our range of activities, from hosting more comprehensive conferences to enhancing the resources available to our members.

Each contribution helps us to further our mission of providing cutting-edge insights, facilitating vital industry connections, and offering continuous professional development opportunities to our community.

By investing in LTSMG, you're not just supporting the advancement of AV technologies; you're also fostering a vibrant network of professionals dedicated to transforming the educational landscape. Join us in shaping the future of Audio Visual in Higher Education—every donation makes a difference!


If you have any enquiries about fundraising or how you can support our efforts at LTSMG, please don't hesitate to complete our enquiry form. We are keen to discuss how your contribution can make a significant impact and explore the various ways you can get involved. Your involvement is crucial for the advancement of Audio Visual technologies in Higher Education. Fill out the form today and join us in making a meaningful difference in our community!

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