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Whether you’re a primary school or a university, we understand the need to have robust and dependable technology solutions.

We also understand the need to have lessons and lectures delivered using technology that helps enhance, rather than distracting away from what is being taught. Speech intelligibility, audio and visual quality plays such an important part within any presentation – have you ever tried to watch a film without audio? It’s a much greater problem than watching without the visual element. Likewise, we understand the fatigue, which is caused by poor audio, which in turn has a detrimental effect on learning.

We aim to provide Technology Solutions within the teaching environment to ensure that you, and your message can be seen and heard. Our technology spans from solutions to help small groups of students collaborate, to fully flexible teaching spaces which can be re-configured and allow audio and video to be seen and heard. By everyone.

Working with the education sector for over 10 years, we have developed a reputation for understanding the challenges faced and matching technology to solve these problems. Some of our solutions range from routing video and audio within campus buildings over networks, or providing lecture capture microphone technology, or microphone frequency planning, to full sound reinforcement in some of the most challenging acoustic environments.

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